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VG1 is the starting point of the V Steel Series, which is refined using high-quality raw materials with minimal impurities. It is a stainless blade steel with a fine structure, high toughness, exceptional hot forging, easy heat treatment, and excellent Corrosion Resistance.

SINCE IT CONTAINS 1.0% Carbon (C), Hard Primary and Secondary Carbides Coexist in the Matrix, Contributing to Wear Resistance.
IT Contains 14% Chromium (CR), which is Maximally Effective in Improving Corrosion Resistance and Strength. Molybdenum (MO), Together With Chromium (CR), Forms Hard Complex Carbides, Which Greatly Contribute to Improved Wear Resistance and Corrosion Resistance.

VG1 HAS ACHIEVED THE FOUR MAJOR REQUIRENMENTS FOR KNIVES: (1) HIGH HARDNESS, (2) High Toughness, (3) High Wear Resistance, and (4) High Corrosion Resistance, Making It Suitable for A Wide Range of Uses, Including Knives, Hair Cutting Shears, and Industrial Machine Blades for Food Processing

Ref: Takefu Special Steel

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